We're the leading Discount Card Fundraising Service Provider in New Jersey.

Discount Card Fundraising can become a reliable annual source of funds for any program. We enable groups to launch a Discount Card Fundraiser with no upfront costs, 100% risk-free. We handle ALL the work designing and printing your cards in the highest quality, all to your exact specifications. This type of fundraiser is a no-brainer for any organization and has limitless potential – motivated groups earn more than $10,000 in profit annually!

$ + Dollars Raised
% Satisfied Clients

Our Clients Include:

  Youth Athletic Programs
  High School Athletic Programs/Clubs
  Collegiate Level Athletic Programs/Clubs
  Township Recreational Programs and Centers

Key Points of our Discount Card Services:

  No up-front costs
  We're based locally
  No hidden fees or charges
  We’re available extended hours for support
  We secure all the promotions for your Discount Card

Wayne Valley High School Football 2017-2018 Reusable Discount Card


Why is Discount Card Fundraising the NEW ERA?

We have continually found that supporters would much rather pay for something that saves them money at places they go to everyday, rather than OVER-PAYING for products they can easily get themselves (at the store down the street) like candles, cookie dough, candy, magazines, or catalog items.

Priced at either $10 or $20 each, Discount Cards fit easily into your wallet, can be customized to promote your program with your groups logo, and include 20-30 reusable local merchant discounts that are guaranteed to please. Cards also can come secured within a brochure coupon book that contains additional bonus cut-out coupons for buyers to use! Discount Card Fundraisers are simple-to-manage and we offer them to be launched with NO upfront costs or fees to the organization whatsoever. Only profit from what sells!



No, we legally secure the promotions from merchants to participate in your fundraiser at no extra cost, and no work is required from the you in regards to this process. We also allow you to choose which popular merchants you’d like to have on your card. Everything is done to your exact specifications!

Yes, we allow you to launch a Discount Card with zero upfront costs or fees. Any cards that are unsold can simply be returned to us and will not be subject to any charge! Your group can only profit from this fundraiser, and there are no penalty fees, design fees, printing fees, delivery fees, etc. whatsoever! This is why we’re the best at what we do!

It will typically take only a few weeks to setup a Discount Card for your group. However, we’re pros at meeting deadlines and if you have a tight time frame please let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

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